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NFL Team Valuations : How Much is Each NFL Team Valued At?

The National Football League (NFL) is not just America’s most popular professional sports league, but also a multi-billion dollar business. The value of each NFL franchise varies widely, with some teams worth well over $5 billion, while others are valued at “just” over $3 billion.

Here’s a look at how much each NFL team is currently valued at, according to the latest valuations from Forbes.

NFL Franchise Value List

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Team Valuation
Dallas Cowboys$9 Billion
New England Patriots$7 Billion
Los Angeles Rams$6.9 Billion
New York Giants$6.8 Billion
Chicago Bears$6.3 Billion
Las Vegas Raiders$6.2 Billion
New York Jets$6.1 Billion
Washington Commanders$6.05 Billion
San Francisco 49ers$6 Billion
Philadelphia Eagles$5.8 Billion
Miami Dolphins$5.7 Billion
Houston Texans$5.5 Billion
Denver Broncos$5.1 Billion
Seattle Seahawks$5 Billion
Atlanta Falcons$4.7 Billion
Minnesota Vikings$4.65 Billion
Baltimore Ravens $4.63 Billion
Pittsburgh Steelers $4.63 Billion
Cleveland Browns$4.62 Billion
Green Bay Packers$4.6 Billion
Tennessee Titans$4.4 Billion
Indianapolis Colts$4.35 Billion
Kansas City Chiefs$4.3 Billion
Tampa Bay Buccaneers$4.2 Billion
Los Angeles Chargers $4.15 Billion
Carolina Panthers$4.1 Billion
New Orleans Saints$4.08 Billion
Jacksonville Jaguars$4 Billion
Arizona Cardinals$3.8 Billion
Buffalo Bills $3.7 Billion
Detroit Lions$3.6 Billion
Cincinnati Bengals $3.5 Billion

Which NFL team has the highest valuation? 

Dallas Cowboys ($9 Billion)

Calls Cowboys in a huddle with Dan Prescott in the middle

The Dallas Cowboys are the most valuable NFL franchise, worth an astonishing $9 billion. The Cowboys have consistently been at or near the top in valuations thanks to their legendary brand, massive fanbase, and highly lucrative sponsorship and merchandise deals. Their home stadium, AT&T Stadium, cost over $1 billion to build and has generated significant revenue through naming rights, premium seating, and hosting major events like the Super Bowl.

Other Top Valued Teams:

What is the lowest valued NFL team? 

Cincinnati Bengals ($3.5 Billion)

Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow and Wide receiver Jamar Chase mid game huddle

At the other end of the spectrum, the Cincinnati Bengals are the least valuable NFL franchise at $3.5 billion. Despite their on-field success in recent years, the Bengals have a relatively smaller market and fan base compared to other teams. Their stadium situation and lack of a major naming rights deal also impact their overall valuation.

Other Lower Valued Teams:

Factors Impacting NFL Team Valuations

Several key factors influence the valuation of NFL teams, including:

  • Market Size: Teams in larger markets like New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago have inherent advantages in attracting fans, TV viewership, and sponsorship dollars.
  • Stadium Value: Having a modern, state-of-the-art stadium with lucrative naming rights and premium seating options is a major revenue driver.
  • Brand Recognition: Historic franchises like the Cowboys, Packers, and Steelers command premium valuations due to their iconic brands and fanbases that span generations.
  • On-Field Success: Sustained winning and championships, while not the primary factor, can boost a team’s value through increased fan engagement and merchandise sales.
  • Media & Broadcasting Deals: The NFL’s massive TV contracts provide a lucrative shared revenue stream for all teams.

As the NFL continues to grow in popularity and revenue, the valuations of all teams are likely to keep rising in the years ahead. While there’s a wide gap between the Cowboys at $9 billion and the Bengals at $3.5 billion currently, every NFL owner can take pride in owning an asset worth billions in America’s most valuable professional sports league.