arizona cardinals franchise value
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Arizona Cardinals Franchise Value

The Arizona Cardinals have a devoted fanbase steeped in storied history. Franchise value, a vital measure of a team’s overall worth, encompasses revenue streams, brand prestige, and stadium assets. The Cardinals are an iconic NFL team with a long history. Let’s explore the Arizona Cardinals franchise value.

Arizona Cardinals Team Value : $3.8 Billion 

  • Owners: Michael Bidwill
  • Championships: 2
  • Year Purchased: 1932
  • Price Paid: $50,000
  • Revenue: $500 Million 
  • Operating Income: $83 Million
  • Player Expenses: $271 Million
  • Gate Receipts: $58 Million
  • Revenue Per Fan: $22


Brief Franchise History

Tracing their roots to 1898 as the Morgan Athletic Club in Chicago, the Cardinals navigated relocations and name changes before finding their Arizona home in 1988 as the Phoenix Cardinals. The Bidwill family has owned the franchise since 1932, Charles Sr, purchased the “Chicago Cardinals” for $50,000.

Charles Bidwill Sr. transferred ownership to his sons, Bill and Charles Jr., who co owned the team from 1962-1972. Bill Bidwill took over as sole owner in 1972 and remained owner until his son Michael inherited the Cardinals.

Michael Bidwill is currently serving as principal owner, chairman, and president since his father’s passing in 2019.

Michael Bidwill, owner, pictured in State Farm Stadium.

How Much Are the Cardinals Worth?

Forbes ranks the Arizona Cardinals’ franchise value at an impressive $3.8 billion. The Arizona Cardinals valuation breakdown includes – $2.923 billion from shared NFL revenue, $367 million from their market size, $271 million stadium value , and $179 million brand equity. Ticket sales, merchandising, sponsorships, and lucrative media deals fuel the Cardinals’ revenue engines similar to many sports team revenue structures.

State Farm Stadium: A Jewel in the Crown

The Cardinals’ state-of-the-art State Farm Stadium has been instrumental in propelling the franchise’s value in recent years. Unveiled in 2006, costing $395 million to build, this premier venue flaunts a retractable roof and over 63,000 seats. Beyond hosting Cardinals games, State Farm Stadium attracts marquee events, generating additional revenue streams. The stadium’s naming rights deal with State Farm Insurance was intstrumental in building the much needed home for the Cardinals.