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Minnesota Vikings

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Is Vikings GM Kwesi Adofo Mensah’s Drafting of J.J. McCarthy Redemption for 2022 Draft Class?

We have yet to see if the 2024 draft picks will be the saving grace for the highly criticized 2022 draft class from Vikings GM Kwesi Adofo Mensah. With Sam Darnold most likely holding down the starting job, at least to begin 2024, it likely delays McCarthy’s pathway to becoming the full-time starter and face…

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Do Pro Athletes Meditate?- J.J. McCarthy Meditation Practice

The life of a professional football player is a demanding one. The physical toll of the game is undeniable, but the mental pressure can be just as intense. In recent years, athletes have increasingly turned to meditation as a tool to enhance their performance and well-being. This article explores the growing trend of meditation in…