Adrian Peterson career earnings

Adrian Peterson Career Stats and Earnings

Recent talk of Adrian Peterson’s desire to return to the NFL raises the obvious questions about his longevity and past success as a running back. I wanted to take some time a discuss some of his accolades along with career stats, earnings, and the changing outlook for running backs in the NFL. The career span of a running back. is typically not too long and in the past few years we have seen the value of running backs get called into question with many teams operating “running back by committee ” with great success (i.e. Kansas City Chiefs).

Adrian Peterson Career Stats and Accolades

Selected seventh overall by the Minnesota Vikings at the 2007 Draft, Peterson came into the league with high expectations and legitimate concerns about his durability. He would go on to become remarkable successful, becoming the first player to score a rushing touchdown for six different teams.

Peterson’s career stats are truly remarkable:

  • 14,918 Rushing Yards (5th all time )
  • 3,230 Carries
  • 120 Rushing Touchdowns
  • 296 Yards in One Game (NFL Record)
  • NFL MVP ( 2012)
  • NFL Offensive Player of the Year (2012)
  • NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year ( 2007)
  • 4x- First-Team All Pro (2008,2009,2012,2015)
  • 3x – NFL Rushing Yards Leader ( 2008,2012, 2015)
  • 2x- NFL Rushing Touchdowns Leader ( 2009,2015)

After a decade in Minnesota, Peterson’s time with the Vikings ended. He then played for the Cardinals, Saints, Titans, Washington Football Team, Lions, and Seahawks in his later years. While he did well , he never lived up to the massive success of his time with the Vikings.

Peterson’s playing time dwindled in his final seasons, but as of 2023, he expressed a desire to return to the NFL.

Adrian Peterson Career Earnings and Legacy

How Much Money Did Adrian Peterson Make in the NFL?

Over his career, Peterson earned an impressive $103,215,972 million in salary, bonuses, and incentives.

While he earned a good amount of money from the league, reports have suggested financial struggles over the years. In 2018 Peterson was ordered to repay a Minnesota bank after defaulting on a 2016 loan. That same year he was sued by DeAngelo Vehicle Sales LLC for a defaulted loan from 2016. He later was ordered to pay $8.3 million after defaulting on the settlement reached with Deangelo Vehicle Sales LLC.

He reported didn’t pay any of the money required in the settlement and had multiple assets seized include some prized NFL trophies.

The Evolving NFL and Running Backs

Running backs today face shorter careers due to the physical toll of the position. Additionally, the rise of pass-heavy offenses has devalued the traditional workhorse running back role.

Many teams now employ a “running back by committee” approach, utilizing multiple backs with different skillsets. This strategy has pros and cons compared to relying on a single workhorse back.

All things considered, this leaves little room for an aging running backs like Adrian but stranger things have happened.

Adrian Peterson’s impact on the NFL is undeniable. As the league continues to evolve, the question remains: can a player like Peterson find a role in the modern game? Only time will tell if the future holds a place for running backs of his caliber.