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Who Are the Top 5 Highest Paid NFL Coaches? (2024)

Football’s grandest stage, the NFL, isn’t just about the players. As the 2024 season nears, the spotlight intensifies on the coaches leading teams to glory. Their salaries reflect immense responsibility. We examine the highest-paid NFL coaches for 2024.

Who Is The Highest Paid Coach in the NFL ? -2024

It’s worth nothing that this list is based off annual salaries. Total career earnings and overall net worth are not being taken into account here. Also, enjoy the throwback pics of each coach as a testament to life’s journey.

Kansas City Cheifs

1. Andy Reid -$20 Million

At the summit stands Andy Reid, architect of Kansas City’s dominance. Another Super Bowl triumph cements his legendary status. Reid’s recent extension solidifies his position atop coaching salaries, a deserved recognition for unrivaled success.

Denver Broncos

2. Sean Payton -$18 Million

After a coaching hiatus, Sean Payton returns with the Denver Broncos. A Super Bowl ring from New Orleans showcases his offensive mastery. Payton’s proven track record earns him the second-highest coaching salary for 2024.

Los angeles Chargers

3. Jim Harbaugh -$16 Million

Jim Harbaugh transitions from college powerhouse Michigan to the Los Angeles Chargers. His turnaround expertise and innovative strategies justify a $16 million annual salary as the Chargers invest in Harbaugh’s winning culture.

Los Angeles Rams

4. Sean McVay -$14 Million

At just 38, Sean McVay has already led the Rams to a Super Bowl championship. His offensive wizardry and player connections make him highly coveted. The Rams secure McVay’s services at $14 million annually added to his growing net worth.

Pittsburgh Steelers

5. Mike Tomlin -$12.5 Million

Mike Tomlin’s tenure with the Pittsburgh Steelers has been a model of sustained excellence and consistency. His $12.5 million salary for the 2024 season is a testament to the Steelers’ unwavering belief in his ability to guide the team through adversity and maintain their status as perennial contenders.

Who is the Lowest-Paid NFL Coach in 2024?

While top coaches command staggering salaries, some coaches are at the mercy of smaller markets. Performance is a factor in lower pay, but some teams simply are not as wealthy as others.

Kevin Stefanski (Browns) and Mike McCarthy (Cowboys) hover around $5 million. The Cowboys are the richest franchise in the NFL, so we could assume that lower pay is attributed to performance in McCarthy’s case.


As the 2024 season commences, top-paid coaches take center stage. From Reid’s Chiefs dominance to Payton’s Broncos revival, every decision faces scrutiny. Will Reid cement his legend? Who joins the highest-paid ranks? One certainty remains: the chase for championships and astronomical salaries persists in professional football’s landscape.