Indianapolis Colts franchise value
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Indianapolis Colts Franchise Value

The modern NFL is a billion-dollar business fueled by diverse income sources. The Colts boast an estimated $4.35 billion franchise value per Forbes. But how does the team make its money and what exactly is the Indianapolis Colts franchise value?

Indianapolis Colts Team Value: $4.35 Billion

  • Championships: 4
  • Year Purchased: 1972
  • Price Paid: $14 Million  
  • Revenue: $545 Million 
  • Operating Income: $101 Million
  • Player Expenses: $289 Million
  • Gate Receipts: $94 Million
  • Revenue Per Fan: $68


How Much Are the Indianapolis Colts Worth?

$4.35 billion – Forbes assigned that jaw-dropping figure to the Indianapolis Colts’ franchise value in 2023. While still behind corporate titans like the $8 billion Dallas Cowboys, the Colts have seen steady net worth growth, up over 15% in just three years.

A look at the Indianapolis Colts Franchise Value over the past 20 years from Statista.

How Much Money Did the Colts Make in 2023?

The franchise pulled in an impressive $545 million in total 2023 revenue, Forbes data shows. A chunk came from the NFL’s $10 billion TV deal split amongst teams.

But the Colts profited elsewhere too:

Ticket Sales: $122 million
Sponsorships: $102 million
Merchandise: $57 million

How Do the Colts Make Money?

Those hefty numbers illustrate the economic force behind NFL teams like the Colts. Selling out home games is step one – real profits come from corporate sponsorships blanketing stadiums and merchandise sold globally to diehard fans.

TV contracts are the biggest cash cow, with networks paying premium prices for broadcast rights. And bidding wars for coveted NFL content keep inflating costs.

Who Owns the Indianapolis Colts and How Did He Get Rich?

Reaping these lucrative rewards is businessman Jim Irsay, who took over as Colts owner in 1997 after his father Robert’s passing. The Irsay family built wealth from heating and ventilation companies before purchasing the Baltimore Colts for a then-record $195 million in 1972.

25 years and a controversial midnight move later, the rebranded Indianapolis Colts are Irsay’s prized asset. His $3.6 billion+ net worth stems largely from the team’s skyrocketing value and diverse business interests.

Colts Looking Forward

Love or loathe them, the Indianapolis Colts are an absolute force on and off the field. With a $4.35 billion franchise value, ownership prints money win or lose. Lucrative TV deals, corporate partners, and merchandise fire those revenue engines.

So while we marvel at Jonathan Taylor’s heroics, remember the real heavyweights: the business titans who molded this NFL team into a financial empire. The pursuit of Super Bowl glory is matched only by an ever-greater chase – maximum profitability.

Think I’m off-base? Share your take on the Colts’ money-making machine below. And for those entranced by the dollar signs, why not attend a home game to witness this capitalist gridiron spectacle firsthand?