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Dan Campbell | Coaching Profile

Dan Campbell is currently the head coach for the Detroit Lions. His coaching career highlights include:

  • Appointed as head coach of the Lions in 2021
  • Led the Lions to their first division title since 1993 in the 2023 season
  • Guided the team to their first playoff win since 1991
  • Took the Lions to their second-ever NFC Championship appearance in 2023

Dan Campbell Coaching Record

Years ActiveRecordWin %Playoff RecordPlayoff Win %
15+ 122-104-153.96%5-550%
Coaching record is for Dan Campbell’s time as a member of coaching staffs and as head coach of the Detroit Lions.

Head Coaching Record

Regular season:29–33–1 (.468)
Postseason:2–1 (.667)
Career:31–34–1 (.477)

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Dan Campbell Coaching Style

Dan Campbell’s coaching approach centers around adaptability, player empowerment, and fostering a strong team culture. His philosophy encompasses several key elements:

  • Emphasizing a collaborative relationship between coaches and players
  • Adapting coaching methods to suit modern athletes
  • Encouraging open communication and player input
  • Focusing on maximizing individual player potential within the team framework

Campbell’s coaching style is characterized by his energetic demeanor and ability to connect with players. His approach focuses on:

  • Bringing a player’s perspective to coaching decisions
  • Providing passionate, motivational leadership
  • Balancing traditional football principles with modern athlete needs
  • Emphasizing clear communication and mutual respect

This approach aims to create a resilient, highly motivated team that can perform at a high level, as evidenced by the Lions’ recent success and playoff achievements.

Dan Campbell Coaching Tree

Prior to becoming the head coach of the Detroit Lions, Campbell gained coaching experience at various levels:

  • Served as tight ends coach and interim head coach for the Miami Dolphins (2010-2015)
  • Worked as assistant head coach and tight ends coach under Sean Payton with the New Orleans Saints (2016-2020)


Dan Campbell Football Career Timeline

  • Texas A&M University (1995-1998): Player (Tight End)
  • New York Giants (1999-2002): Player (Tight End)
    • Super Bowl XXXV appearance
  • Dallas Cowboys (2003-2005): Player (Tight End)
  • Detroit Lions (2006-2008): Player (Tight End)
  • New Orleans Saints (2009): Player (Tight End)
    • Super Bowl XLIV Champion
  • Miami Dolphins (2010-2015):
    • Coaching Intern (2010)
    • Tight Ends Coach (2011-2015)
    • Interim Head Coach (2015)
  • New Orleans Saints (2016-2020):
    • Assistant Head Coach & Tight Ends Coach
  • Detroit Lions (2021-Present):
    • Head Coach