Jim Harbaugh salary
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Jim Harbaugh Salary and Contract with LA Chargers

Jim Harbaugh has had massive impact on both College Football and the NFL as a player and coach for many years. Coming off a Rose Bowl win for the Michigan Wolverines , there has been huge debate on Harbaugh’s future as a head coach.

  • Reports estimate that Coach Jim Harbaugh salary will be $16 million annually with the Chargers across a five year deal.
  • This ranks him 3rd amongst the highest paid coaches in the NFL right now.
  • Jim will outlearn all but 3 of his players.

How Much Does Jim Harbaugh Make A Year ?

In January 2024, Jim Harbaugh agreed to a five-year contract with the Los Angeles Chargers that would pay him a total of $80 million over a five-year period. If all money is guaranteed, that is $16 million a year.

Harbaugh’s brother John is ranking in about $12 million a year as head coach of the Baltimore Ravens. Andy Reid ($20 million) and Sean Payton ($18 million) top the list of highest paid coaches in the League.

The conversation around salary for head coaches in the NFL is a tricky one. With no salary caps and no regulation forcing public disclosure, talks of collusion run ramped .

How much is a head coach really worth? Do you believe the players to be more worthy of the massive contracts than the coach?

Why is Harbaugh Leaving Michigan? – Jim Harbaugh Buyout

Harbaugh previously held a contract with the University of Michigan that was set to expire in 2026. The early departure puts the Chargers in a position to handle the buyout despite Michigan’s efforts to keep Harbaugh there.

Harbaugh’s buyout to leave Michigan football is $1.5 million, according to the latest copy of the contract obtained by the USA TODAY Network.

When examining the exact reasoning for Harbaugh agreeing to the deal with the Chargers, it’s hard to pinpoint his frame of thinking.

The Wolverine’s past season was filled with a few controversial moments, suspensions, and Harbaugh even assuring Michigan’s athletic director that his flirtations with the NFL would NOT persist.

Considering the massive drama in Ann Arbor, it’s not surprising that returning to the NFL seems like less of a headache with a bigger paycheck. Payment structures for athletes and college recruiting are still a very cloudy subject.