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NFL Coordinator Salaries: How Much Do NFL Coordinators Make?

Offensive and defensive coordinators are the strategic leaders of their units. Their roles are distinct from head , assistant , and position coaches. Coordinators devise game plans, call plays, and manage personnel.

How Much Do NFL Coordinators Make?

NFL coordinator salaries are typically around $1 million per year, but there can be significant variation depending on a few factors like experience, team success, and overall budget.

Offensive Coordinator Roles

The offensive coordinator‘s responsibilities include designing offensive schemes and game plans tailored to their team’s strengths. They closely collaborate with the quarterback coach and call the offensive plays during games, making adjustments based on the defense’s strategies.

Defensive Coordinator Roles

On the other side, the defensive coordinator devises defensive schemes and strategies aimed at shutting down the opponent’s offense. They call the defensive plays, make in-game adjustments, and oversee position coaches like linebackers and the secondary.

What Does a NFL Coordinator Do?

On a day-to-day basis, coordinators spend a significant portion of their time studying film, analyzing their own team’s performance as well as scouting upcoming opponents. They lead staff meetings to install game plans and work closely with the head coach to ensure their unit’s strategies align with the overarching team philosophy. During practice sessions, coordinators implement scripted installations and closely monitor execution.

NFL Coordinator Salary Range

The salary range for top NFL coordinators can be lucrative, reflecting their strategic value and significance in maximizing their team’s talent and performance. While the average coordinator earns between $1 million to $1.5 million annually, elite coordinators can command salaries in the $2 million to $3 million range.

Many coordinators, particularly those with head coaching aspirations, may choose to pursue a good opportunity over maximizing salary in the short term.

The highest reported coordinator salaries have reached over $4 million per year similar to the Josh McDaniels contract with the Patriots in 2018. On the other hand, some coordinators, especially those early in their careers, may make less than the $1 million average.

Philadelphia Eagles Offensive Coordinator
kellen moore offensive coordinator

Kellen Moore

  • Reported Salary: $3.5 million (This aligns with the high end of coordinator salaries, possibly due to his success as the Dallas Cowboys Offensive Coordinator and potential future head coach interest)
  • Background: Played quarterback in college and the NFL before transitioning to coaching. Known for his innovative and pass-heavy offensive schemes.
  • Success: Led the Dallas Cowboys offense to top rankings in yards and points during his tenure (2019-2022). Now tasked with developing Jalen Hurts and the Philadelphia Eagles offense.
Washington Commanders Offensive Coordinator

Kliff Kingsbury

  • Previous Reported Salary: $5.5 million per year (This placed him around the middle of the NFL head coach salary range) Parting ways with Arizona will inflate his earnings as a coordinator.
  • Background: Played quarterback in college before a short NFL career. Gained fame for his offensive success as head coach of Texas Tech (2013-2018), known for his aggressive and pass-heavy schemes.
  • Success: Led Texas Tech to several successful seasons with high-scoring offenses. In the NFL, the Arizona Cardinals achieved a winning season (11-6) in 2021 but fell short of expectations in subsequent years.
  • Current Status: Recently signed as offensive coordinator for the Washington Commanders under Dan Quinn.