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NFL Assistant Coach Salary List (2024)

In the National Football League (NFL), the salaries of assistant coaches have undergone a remarkable transformation. As the NFL’s revenue continues to surge, so do the earnings of these behind-the-scenes strategists.

Be mindful that the state of the league and how well teams generate revenue as a whole have massive impact on the salaries of coaches.

Here’s some information on the pay rates for NFL Assistant Coaches and a little bit on college football rates if you wanna go a bit deeper.

How Much Do NFL Assistant Coaches Get Paid ?

The average salary for an NFL assistant coach in the U.S. is about $400,000 per season. Meanwhile, the average salary for an NFL offensive or defensive coordinator is about $1 million. 

Is an assistant coach the same as a coordinator?

No, an assistant coach and a coordinator are not the same in the NFL. While they both have coaching roles, they have distinct responsibilities and functions within a coaching staff.

  1. Assistant Coach: An assistant coach is a broader term that encompasses various coaching positions on an NFL team. These coaches have specific roles within a coaching staff, such as coaching the offensive line, defensive line, wide receivers, or running backs, among others. They focus on teaching and developing players in their respective positions, often under the guidance of the coordinator.
  2. Coordinator: A coordinator is a higher-ranking position within the coaching staff. There are typically two main types of coordinators in the NFL:
    • Offensive Coordinator: This coach is responsible for developing the team’s offensive game plan, calling offensive plays during games, and overseeing the offensive staff, including position coaches. They work closely with the head coach to design offensive strategies.
    • Defensive Coordinator: This coach is in charge of the team’s defensive strategies, coordinating defensive game plans, calling defensive plays, and overseeing the defensive staff, including position coaches.

While coordinators are also assistant coaches, their roles are more specialized and strategic. They are key decision-makers and often have a more significant impact on the team’s overall performance, while assistant coaches focus on player development and position-specific coaching.

Highest Paid NFL Assistant Head Coach Salary List (2024)

Baltimore Ravens

Anthony Weaver

Anthony Weaver has a $5 million yearly salary. He is in charge of the defensive line and also assists the head coach. He joined the Baltimore Ravens in 2021 as a defensive line and run game coordinator.

New England Patriots

Joe Judge

Currently working with the New England Patriots earning more than $5 million a year. He started as a special teams assistant from 2012 to 2014 and eventually grew to work directly under Bill Belichick.

Kansas City Chiefs

Dave Toub

The special teams coordinator and assistant head coach since 2018 earns between $3-4 million a year.


College Football Assistant Coach Salaries

How much do College football assistant coaches make?

College football assistant coaches’ salaries can vary widely depending on several factors, including:

Division and level of competition: Salaries are generally much higher in the Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS), the highest level of college football, compared to lower divisions. Within the FBS, salaries at Power Five conferences (ACC,Big Ten, Big 12, Pac-12, SEC) are typically the highest.

Specific role and experience: Offensive and defensive coordinators typically earn the most, followed by position coaches and special teams coordinators. Coaches with more experience and success command higher salaries.

School and program budget: Wealthier schools with larger athletic budgets can afford to pay their coaches more.

Location: Cost of living can influence salaries to some extent, with coaches in more expensive cities potentially earning more.

Here’s a general breakdown of non-professional football coaching salary ranges:

  • Average:  The average annual salary for an assistant football coach in the US is $31,481,with a range of $28,107 to $36,739.
  • Hourly: Zippia reports an average hourly rate of $21.79.
  • Top earners: Some top assistant coaches, particularly offensive and defensive coordinators at major programs, can earn millions of dollars annually. For example, in 2023, nine assistant coaches had salaries of $1.9 million or more.