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Green Bay Packers Franchise Value & History

The Packers have become one of the league’s most valuable franchises. This article explores the Green Bay Packers franchise value, examining how a small-town team has grown to amass such financial influence. We’ll look at the unique factors that contribute to the Packers’ success, including their shareholder ownership model and Lambeau Field.

Green Bay Packers Team Value : $4.6 Billion 

  • Owners: Shareholder Owned
  • Championships: 13
  • Year Purchased: 1921
  • Price Paid: $100
  • Revenue: $577 Million 
  • Operating Income: $69 Million
  • Player Expenses: $294 Million
  • Gate Receipts: $85 Million
  • Revenue Per Fan: $552


Who Owns the Packers?

The Green Bay Packers are unique in the NFL because they’re owned by the public. Since 1923, the team has been a non-profit corporation with thousands of stockholders. As of 2024, about 537,460 people own shares in the team. The Packers have held six stock sales over the years, with share prices rising from $5 in 1923 to $300 in 2021.

This setup is special because the NFL doesn’t allow this kind of ownership for other teams. The Packers are allowed to keep this structure because it started before the NFL made rules against it. While people can buy stock, it doesn’t work like regular stock – it doesn’t increase in value or pay dividends. Buying a share is more about supporting the team than making money.

Who Runs the Packers Front Office?

Even though many people own shares, a board of directors actually runs the Packers team. They make the big decisions and represent the Packers to the NFL.

In June 2024, the board chose Ed Policy to be the new president and CEO starting in 2025. Policy has been with the Packers since 2012, working his way up from vice president to COO. Before joining the Packers, he was in charge of the Arena Football League. His father, Carmen Policy, used to own parts of the San Francisco 49ers and Cleveland Browns, so Ed comes from a family with lots of football experience.

How Much are the Green Bay Packers Worth?

The Green Bay Packers are worth $4.6 billion according to Forbes. This is incredible growth from their $100 purchase price in 1921.

The franchise manages to bring in $577 million in yearly revenue, or about $552 per fan. This is impressive for a team based in a city of just 300,000 people.

Lambeau Field

Lambeau Field, the iconic home of the Green Bay Packers since 1957, plays a crucial role in the team’s remarkable franchise value. As the NFL’s oldest continually operating stadium, it embodies the rich history and tradition that make the Packers unique in professional sports.

Originally built for $960,000, Lambeau Field has undergone several expansions and renovations over the years, with the most recent major update completed in 2015. These improvements, largely funded by the team and its fans, have not only increased seating capacity but also enhanced revenue-generating opportunities through modernized facilities and amenities.


Key Lambeau Field Statistics:

  • Current seating capacity: 81,441
  • Original cost in 1957: $960,000
  • Latest major renovation cost: $140.5 million (2013-2015)
  • Number of shareholders: Approximately 537,460
  • Playoff record at Lambeau: 18-7 (as of 2022 season)

The stadium’s mystique, often referred to as the “Frozen Tundra,” contributes significantly to the Packers’ brand value. Lambeau Field’s reputation for creating a challenge for visiting teams, especially in the playoffs, adds to the team’s competitive advantage.

Despite being located in the NFL’s smallest market, Lambeau Field consistently sells out, boasting a season ticket waiting list with over 137,000 names. The fan dedication, coupled with the stadium’s history, explains how the Green Bay Packers franchise value of $4.6 billion is possible. Ranking 2oth among the NFL’s most valuable teams considering their small-market status is commendable.