Denver Broncos franchise value
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Denver Broncos Franchise Value

The Denver Broncos are a National Football League (NFL) team dating back to before the AFL-NFL merger in 1970.. As a charter member of the American Football League (AFL) in 1960, the Broncos span over six decades. Let’s explore into the Denver Broncos franchise value and financial history.

Denver Broncos Team Value : $5.1 Billion 

  • Owners: Rob Walton
  • Championships: 3
  • Year Purchased: 2022
  • Price Paid: $4.65 Billion
  • Revenue: $563 Million 
  • Operating Income: $1o3 Million
  • Player Expenses: $286 Million
  • Gate Receipts: $94 Million
  • Revenue Per Fan: $57


The Denver Broncos started as an underdog team in the AFL. They struggled in their early years, never winning an AFL title. But things changed after the AFL-NFL merger in 1970. The Broncos grew into a formidable NFL franchise, winning three Super Bowls and becoming a consistent playoff contender.

A Brief History of Denver Broncos Ownership

The Broncos have seen several ownership changes since their inception. Here’s a quick look at the key figures who’ve owned the team:

  1. Robert Howsam (1960): The team’s founder and first owner.
  2. Gerald and Allan Phipps (1961-1981): The Phipps brothers bought the team for less than $1 million. Under their ownership, the Broncos made their first Super Bowl appearance in 1978.
  3. Edgar Kaiser Jr. (1981-1984): Kaiser purchased the Broncos for $29 million.
  4. Pat Bowlen (1984-2018): Bowlen bought the team for $78 million. His tenure saw the Broncos’ most successful period, including three Super Bowl wins.
  5. The Pat Bowlen Trust/ Joe Ellis (2019-2022): After Bowlen stepped down due to Alzheimer’s disease, the trust managed the team.
  6. Walton-Penner Family Ownership Group (2022-present): Led by Walmart heir Rob Walton, this group bought the Broncos for a record $4.65 billion.

How Much are the Denver Broncos Worth?

The Denver Broncos’ value has skyrocketed over the years. Forbes valued the franchise at $5.1 billion. This makes the Broncos one of the most valuable teams in the NFL.

Several factors contribute to the Broncos’ high valuation:

  1. Strong Fan Base: The Broncos have a loyal fanbase that extends beyond Denver. They earn $57 in revenue per fan.
  2. Market Size: The Denver metro area has a population of 3 million, providing a solid local market.
  3. On-Field Success: With three Super Bowl wins and multiple playoff appearances, the Broncos’ success drives fan engagement and merchandise sales.
  4. Stadium Revenue: Empower Field at Mile High generates significant income through ticket sales and other events.
  5. Media Deals: The Broncos have lucrative partnerships with local TV and radio stations.
A look at the Denver Broncos Franchise Value in recent years via Statista.

A Look at Empower Field at Mile High Stadium

The Broncos’ home field, Empower Field at Mile High, is a key asset contributing to the team’s value.

Stadium Facts:

  • Opened in 2001, replacing the old Mile High Stadium
  • Cost to build: About $400 million
  • Capacity: Over 76,000 fans
  • Known for its loud fans and altitude advantage (5,280 feet above sea level)

Stadium Financing and Naming Rights

The stadium’s construction was a joint effort between the Broncos and Colorado taxpayers. The team paid 25% of the cost, while public funding covered 75%. This arrangement was approved by voters in 1998.

The stadium’s naming rights have changed hands several times:

  1. Invesco Field at Mile High (2001-2011)
  2. Sports Authority Field at Mile High (2011-2018)
  3. Broncos Stadium at Mile High (2018-2019)
  4. Empower Field at Mile High (2019-present)

In 2022, the Broncos announced over $100 million in stadium upgrades, including:

  • A massive new video board (225 feet wide by 72 feet tall)
  • An all-inclusive hospitality club at field level

These improvements, completed for the 2023 season, aim to enhance the fan experience and keep the stadium modern and competitive.

The Broncos’ Impact on Denver’s Economy

The Denver Broncos are more than just a football team; they’re a significant economic driver for the city. Home games bring thousands of visitors to Denver, boosting local businesses like hotels, restaurants, and shops.

The team’s success also puts Denver in the national spotlight, potentially attracting new businesses and residents to the area. This wider economic impact adds to the Broncos’ overall value to the community.

As the NFL continues to grow in popularity and revenue, it’s likely that the Broncos’ franchise value will keep climbing. The team’s strong brand, loyal fan base, and modern stadium provide a solid foundation for future growth.