how much do NFL General Managers make

Highest Paid NFL GM: How Much Do NFL General Managers Make?

NFL general managers are very important. They are the masterminds behind player acquisitions, contract negotiations, and roster construction. Their salaries can end up being pretty huge. But how much do NFL General Managers Make?

Big Bucks of Football Management

Average NFL GM Salary

Most NFL GMs make between $3-5 million per year. But pay can vary a lot based on experience and other factors like experience, wins, and overall market size.. Top GMs in the National Football League earn well into 8 figures.

Highest Paid NFL GMs

While exact pay is private, a few stand out as highest paid considering you directly correlate team valuation with salaries. Jerry Jones could easily be pegged has the highest paid if you factor in his ownership of the Dallas Cowboys on top of operating as the general manager.

Here are a few of the highest paid NFL General Managers ( currently active and in no particular order ) :

  • Jerry Jones, Dallas Cowboys
  • John Schneider , Seattle Seahawks
  • Joe Schoen , New York Giants
  • Les Snead , Los Angeles Rams
  • John Elway , Denver Broncos
  • Brian Getekunst, Green Bay Packers
  • Eric Decosta , Baltimore Ravens

What Affects Their Pay?

Experience Matters

The more years in the NFL, the more a GM can make. They start as scouts or assistants. As they move up, their pay increases.

Winning and Championships

GMs who build winning teams earn more. Playoff/championship success leads to bigger paydays.

Market Size

Working for a big market team helps. Major cities like New York or Los Angeles mean higher revenues and salaries.

In Summary

NFL general managers, especially successful ones, are paid incredibly well. Their salaries are among the highest in professional sports. Experience, sustained winning, and big markets lead to the biggest paychecks at the top.