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Top Jerry Jones Quotes on Business and Leadership

Jerry Jones has served as an iconic figure in the industries of business and sports for many years as the owner of the most valuable sports franchises in the world; the Dallas Cowboys.

Let’s explore some significant Jerry Jones quotes to gain deeper insight into the business tycoon’s mind.

Who Is Jerry Jones?

Jerry Jones is an American businessman and the owner/general manager of the Dallas Cowboys, a professional football team in the National Football League (NFL). Jones purchased the Cowboys in 1989 and has since been a prominent figure in the NFL. He is known for his active involvement in the team’s operations and is often seen as one of the more visible and outspoken team owners in the league.

Jones played a significant role in the growth and success of the Cowboys, overseeing the construction of AT&T Stadium (formerly Cowboys Stadium) in Arlington, Texas, which opened in 2009. The Cowboys, under Jones’s ownership, have had varying degrees of success on the field, including winning multiple Super Bowls in the 1990s.

More recently, the Cowboys have struggled on the field with questions over the management of Dak Prescott, coaching roles, and salary cap distribution. Either way, the financial success and estimated value of the Dallas Cowboys franchise is undeniable; currently sitting at $9 billion dollars, the highest in the NFL.


Jerry Jones Quotes

“Sports gives us the grandest opportunity of all to talk about reaching down and helping up or getting on somebody else’s shoulders.”

In a 2015 interview with KXAS-TV , Jerry speaks about the possibilities that are present when a person possesses the talent to play in the NFL at a high level. The quote illustrates the significance of building purpose into one’s exisitence when utilizing God given talents.

The Jerry Jones quote goes on to say,  “And, so, it is almost a natural thing to reach (out) there and say to somebody that’s got God-given gifts to play at the NFL level, at the Dallas Cowboy level, ‘Hey, get it together. Come over here and do something special, and while you’re doing it, help the Dallas Cowboys and at the same time show a lot of people that you’re not the negative that a lot think you are now.’”

“I know when I make a decision, I’m increasing my own personal work day.”

During the 2015 off season, Jerry Jones was asked about some of his “riskier” decisions to sign controversial players like Greg Hardy and along with the controversial draft pick, Randy Gregory. The USA Today interview dives into how Jerry chooses to weigh a person’s circumstances individually without factoring in too much outside noise.

The quote speaks to taking risks in business while understanding the level of commitment required to make things work when there are so many factors that can change or “go wrong”.

“Stats are for losers. They relish in them.”

“I think my greatest moments in life are family moments, births and marriages.”

“I promise you that during my life, I was more concerned about not letting people down, about doing my part, than I was ever into what it did for me.”

Jerry Jones’ Impact On Sports

Jerry Jones isn’t just the owner of the Dallas Cowboys, he’s a titan who revolutionized the sports industry. From turning a struggling franchise into a billion-dollar empire to negotiating lucrative deals and branding the Cowboys into a global icon, Jones’ impact is legendary.

Jerry Jones’ net worth is estimated at $13.9 million as of 2024 , according to Forbes.

He built a state-of-the-art stadium, embraced new technologies like social media and streaming, and turned game days into spectacles, forever changing the fan experience. Beyond the Cowboys, Jones played a key role in league-wide developments, influencing collective bargaining agreements, revenue-sharing models, and even the launch of the NFL Network.

While his outspoken nature and decisions have sparked occasional controversy, Jones’ legacy remains firmly cemented. He’s a pioneer who pushed boundaries, maximized revenue, and transformed the business of sports forever.

Frequently Asked Questions

A: Jerry Jones’s net worth was estimated to be in the billions of dollars. However, net worth can fluctuate due to various factors.

A: Jerry Jones purchased the Dallas Cowboys in 1989 from H.R. “Bum” Bright for a reported $140 million. Jones financed the acquisition by borrowing heavily against his oil and gas exploration business assets.

A: Some of Jerry Jones’s notable business deals are related to the Dallas Cowboys and AT&T Stadium. The construction of AT&T Stadium and the naming rights deal with AT&T are among the significant agreements.

A: Controversies include scrutiny over player contracts and potential violations of the NFL salary cap rules. Jones’s hands-on approach in personnel decisions, particularly as the team’s general manager, has been a subject of debate. Additionally, his stance on player protests during the national anthem in 2017 attracted attention and controversy.

It’s estimated that Jones’ net worth has jumped up $3 billion dollars from form $10 billion last year, making him currently the richest man in Dallas.