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Kyler Murray Net Worth & Contract

Kyler Murray has emerged as a dynamic quarterback in the NFL despite the polarizing headlines in recent years. This article will explore Kyler Murray’s journey from college to NFL sensation, dissecting the various factors influencing Kyler Murray net worth, and shed light on some of the deals contributing to his overall wealth.

What is Kyler Murray’s Net Worth?

Estimated at around $40 million dollars as of early 2024. (Detailed below)

Kyler Murray College Record

Kyler Murray’s ascent to football stardom began during his college years, where he showcased exceptional talent at the University of Oklahoma. As a standout quarterback, Murray’s achievements on the college football stage laid the foundation for a promising future in the NFL. His athleticism, precision on the field, and leadership skills quickly caught the attention of football enthusiasts and experts alike.

Teams led by Kyler or where Kyler appeared went 24-5 in the 29 games he played in college.

A few notable achievements from Kyler Murray doing his collegiate football career:

  • NCAA record for most passing yards gained per attempt in a season (min. 375 attempts): 11.6 yards (2018)
  • NCAA record for highest average gain per play in a season (min. 3,000 passing yards): 10.37 yards
  • One of 35 players in FBS history with at least 2,000 passing yards and 1,000 rushing yards in a season
  • 2018 NCAA total offense leader: 383.0 yards per game
  • 2018 NCAA leader in yards per pass attempt: 11.57 yards per attempt
  • 2018 NCAA leader in passing yards per completion: 16.77 yards per completion
  • 2018 NCAA co-leader in points responsible for: 324 points

Determining Kyler Murray Net Worth

An athlete’s net worth is a culmination of diverse financial streams, including contracts, endorsements, investments, and more. In Kyler Murray’s case, his lucrative NFL contract, endorsement deals, and strategic financial decisions have played pivotal roles in shaping his net worth. Exploring these elements provides insights into the financial journey of this football prodigy.

NFL Career Earnings

Kyler Murray’s financial success can be directly attributed to his NFL contracts, where he has served as the Arizona Cardinals‘ star quarterback.

As of 2024, Murray has earned a total of $99,272,938 after five seasons in the National Football League.

Here’s the breakdown of Kyler’s earnings as of 2024:

  • $4,985,000- Base Salary
  • $52,624,924 – Signing Bonuses
  • $4,524,360 – Roster Bonuses
  • $1,000,000 – Workout Bonus
  • $36,000,000 – Option Bonus
  • $136,654 – Incentives

In 2022, Kyler signed a $230,500,000 , five-year contract which has him set to possibly see career earnings of $295,957,938 by 2028.


In addition to the NFL, endorsements from major brands have contributed significantly to his earnings. Murray’s marketability, both on and off the field, has made him a sought-after figure for endorsements, further bolstering his financial portfolio.

Navigating the NFL Landscape

As a young player in the NFL, Kyler Murray has navigated the competitive landscape with finesse. His on-field performance, combined with a strategic approach to off-field opportunities, has positioned him as one of the league’s rising stars. Understanding the dynamics of NFL contracts and the impact of endorsements provides a comprehensive view of how Murray’s net worth has evolved.

He also has proven to be one of if not the most prominent player to enter the NFL of Asian heritage. With less than 2% of all NFL draftees coming from an Asian background, this is a big deal.


Kyler Murray’s journey from college star to NFL sensation is not only a testament to his football prowess but also a case study in financial success. By dissecting the factors influencing his net worth, from NFL contracts to lucrative endorsements, we gain valuable insights into the financial strategies employed by this dynamic quarterback. As Kyler continues to make waves in the NFL, his financial journey serves as inspiration for aspiring athletes looking to maximize their earnings and build a lasting legacy in the world of professional sports.