Chris Paul net worth

Chris Paul Net Worth 2024

The majority of Paul’s wealth is from what he was paid during his career as a professional NBA player. Outside of standard NBA pay structure, he has capitalized on many opportunities from several endorsements to health conscious investments. Chris Paul has definitely established himself as a businessman and entrepreneur which seems to be solidifying his future progression once he decides to leave the NBA.

How Much Is Chris Paul’s Net Worth?

Chris Paul’s Net Worth is estimated at $160 Million as of March 2024.

Chris Paul NBA Salary

His 2020-21 salary was roughly $41.4 million before a reduction for the pandemic, tied for the second-highest in the NBA at that time. In 2021-22, he made $30.8 million.

How much is Chris Paul making with the Golden State Warriors?

Chris is set to make a base salary of $30.8 million for the 2023-24 season with the Golden State Warriors.

Chris Paul NBA Career Milestones

Chris Paul, a veteran point guard in the NBA, boasts an impressive resume that has undoubtedly contributed significantly to his substantial net worth. Known for his exceptional leadership skills, Paul has captained teams with poise and determination, guiding them to numerous playoff appearances and deep postseason runs.

Throughout his illustrious career, Paul has garnered numerous accolades, including 12 All-Star selections, 10 All-NBA team honors, and nine All-Defensive team selections, showcasing his well-rounded excellence on both ends of the court. His ability to orchestrate offenses with precision and tenacity has earned him a reputation as one of the premier floor generals in the league.

While his on-court achievements have been remarkable, Paul’s journey has not been without controversy. His well-documented conflicts with NBA referees have occasionally overshadowed his performances, leading to hefty fines and suspensions. However, his unwavering competitiveness and relentless pursuit of excellence have cemented his status as a fan favorite and a highly sought-after talent, commanding lucrative contracts and endorsement deals that have significantly boosted his net worth.

Endorsements Deals

Outside of his prolific basketball career, Chris is quite eager to explore lucrative brand deals and sponsorships. He has secured deals with Nike, Beyond Meat, Panini, Spalding, and the wildly popular, State Farm Auto Insurance.

According to Forbes, Paul earns roughly $8 million per year in endorsements alone.


According to Crunchbase, he currently holds stakes in 17 different companies while having already successfully exiting 3 previous investments. He holds a specific interest in health, wellness, and fitness brands. Paul converted to a vegan plant based diet years ago leading him to invest several companies with a shared plant based vision.

Chris Paul investments

A Few Notable Chris Paul Investments:

  • Wicked Kitchen
  • The Soccer Tournament
  • Bowery Farming
  • WatchBox Global
  • Greefly
  • Supplant
  • Dibbs
  • Betsperts
  • Rebundle

Chris Paul Business Ventures

Chris Paul has recently become a minority owner of the Rajasthan Royals, a team in the Indian Premier League. In his home state of North Carolina, he is a part owner of the Winston-Salem Dash and owns the CP3 Basketball Academy. Additionally, Paul co-founded Go Hoop Day, a global celebration of basketball, and co-hosts The Showdown, a celebrity golf showcase.

Paul also runs his production company, Ohh Dip!!! Productions, which creates content for various platforms. He has served as an executive producer for projects such as: Chapter 3, Crossroads, The Game Changers, Blackballed, Why Not Us: NC Central Men’s Basketball, The Day Sports Stood Still, American Sole, Why Not Us: FAMU Football, PlayersTV’s Front Office, Why Not Us: Southern Dance, and 61. Furthermore, Ohh Dip!!! co-produces Bloomberg Quicktake’s How I Got Here, a weekly one-on-one interview series hosted by Paul.

In addition to his ventures in the sports and entertainment industry, Paul has released his memoir titled Sixty-One: Life Lessons from Papa, On and Off the Court. This powerful and unexpected memoir delves into themes of family, faith, tragedy, and the important lessons learned throughout life.