Rank Team Signed Avg. Age Active Dead Top 51 Cap Cap Space (Top 51) Total Cap Cap Space All
1New England Patriots 6926.96$206,815,631$21,460,202$212,315,833$53,744,144$228,275,833$37,784,144
2Washington Commanders7327.15$213,133,989$27,437,649$220,931,638$43,718,633$240,571,638$24,078,633
3Tennessee Titans6526.37$201,500,962$39,629,758$228,920,720$31,746,647$241,130,720$19,536,647
4Jacksonville Jaguars 6926.64
5Los Angeles Chargers5726.4
6Philadelphia Eagles7826.48
7Arizona Cardinals7626.62
8Indianapolis Colts7526.64
9Detroit Lions6426.62
10Las Vegas Raiders6326.68
11Cincinnati Bengals6226.5
12Houston Texans7427.07
13Chicago Bears 6826.78
14Green Bay Packers7125.63
15Kansas City Chiefs7126.27
16Denver Broncos7226.79
17Minnesota Vikings6726.85
18Cleveland Browns7627.2
19Los Angeles Rams6326.34
20Pittsburgh Steelers7526.8
21Baltimore Ravens5927.1
22New Orleans Saints 6727.5
23Carolina Panthers7027.4
24San Francisco 49ers 7527.49
25Atlanta Falcons6826.85
26New York Giants7426.56
27Dallas Cowboys6326.7
28Miami Dolphins 6727.37
29Buffalo Bills 6327.22
League Average
30Seattle Seahawks 6626.87
31New York Jets 6727.46
32Tampa Bay Buccaneers6726.48

For those of you wondering what the numbers mean. Below is a simple explanation or you can READ the complete article by clicking the button.

Salary CapA limit on how much each NFL team can spend on player salaries per year. Imagine it’s like a giant piggy bank for player salaries that all teams have to share.
Why is there a cap?To create a more fair competition (parity) by preventing teams with more money from buying all the best players. It’s like making sure everyone at a playground gets a turn on the swings!

In simpler terms, a salary cap is a rule that sets a maximum amount of money that each National Football League (NFL) team can spend on its players’ salaries each year. This helps to create a more balanced competition by preventing teams with more money from simply buying all the best players.

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