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Mike MacDonald | Coaching Profile

Mike Macdonald, born June 26, 1987, is the newly appointed head coach of the Seattle Seahawks. At 36, he’s currently the youngest head coach in the NFL. Macdonald’s rapid rise through the coaching ranks includes:

  • Serving as the Baltimore Ravens’ defensive coordinator from 2022 to 2023
  • A stint as defensive coordinator for the University of Michigan in 2021
  • Seven seasons with the Baltimore Ravens in various defensive coaching roles

Mike Macdonald Coaching Record

Years ActiveRecordWin %Playoff RecordPlayoff Win %

As a first-time head coach, Macdonald’s NFL head coaching record is yet to be established.

Coaching Tree


None yet, as this is Macdonald’s first head coaching position.


Mike Macdonald Coaching Style

Macdonald’s coaching approach is characterized by his defensive expertise and innovative strategies:

  • Known for creating complex and adaptable defensive schemes
  • Emphasizes player development and maximizing individual talents
  • Focuses on creating pressure and generating turnovers
  • Utilizes analytics and modern coaching techniques

Key aspects of Macdonald’s coaching style include:

  • His ability to craft top-ranked defenses, as demonstrated in Baltimore
  • A reputation for developing young talent and elevating veteran players
  • An analytical approach to game planning and in-game adjustments
  • Strong communication skills and ability to connect with players

This approach has led to impressive defensive performances, particularly during his time as the Ravens’ defensive coordinator.

Mike Macdonald Coaching Tree

While Mike Macdonald is early in his head coaching career, his coaching influences are notable:

  • John Harbaugh: Macdonald spent nine seasons under Harbaugh with the Baltimore Ravens, learning from one of the NFL’s most respected coaches.
  • Jim Harbaugh: As Michigan’s defensive coordinator, Macdonald gained valuable experience under Jim Harbaugh’s leadership.
  • Mark Richt: Macdonald began his coaching journey as a graduate assistant under Richt at the University of Georgia.

As Macdonald begins his tenure with the Seahawks, he has the opportunity to start building his own coaching tree. His success in developing defensive strategies and nurturing talent suggests he may become an influential figure for future coaches.

Mike Macdonald Football Career Timeline

  • University of Georgia (2010-2013): Student Assistant, then Graduate Assistant
  • Baltimore Ravens (2014-2020):
  • Defensive Coaching Intern (2014)
  • Defensive Assistant (2015-2016)
  • Defensive Backs Coach (2017)
  • Linebackers Coach (2018-2020)
  • University of Michigan (2021): Defensive Coordinator
  • Baltimore Ravens (2022-2023): Defensive Coordinator
  • Seattle Seahawks (2024-Present): Head Coach

Macdonald’s coaching career has progressed rapidly since his start as a graduate assistant at Georgia in 2010. In 2023, his Ravens defense ranked first in several key categories, including points allowed (16.5 per game), sacks (60), and takeaways (31, tied with N.Y. Giants). Under his leadership, the Ravens also led the NFL in point differential (+203) and turnover margin (+12, tied with N.Y. Giants).

As Macdonald takes on his first head coaching role with the Seahawks, he faces the challenge of translating his defensive success to overall team performance. His ability to adapt his strategies against NFC West opponents, particularly Kyle Shanahan’s 49ers offense, will be crucial to the Seahawks’ future success.