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Antonio Pierce | Coaching Profile

Antonio Pierce is an emerging NFL head coach, known for his recent promotion from lInebackers coach with the Las Vegas Raiders. His coaching career highlights include:

  • Appointed as interim head coach of the Raiders in October 2023
  • Led the Raiders to a 5-4 record after taking over midseason
  • Named permanent head coach of the Raiders in January 2024

Antonio Pierce Coaching Record

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Coaching record is for Antonio Pierce’s time as linebackers coach and head coach of the Las Vegas Raiders.

Coaching Tree


  • Josh McDaniels
  • Herm Edwards


Antonio Pierce Coaching Style

Antonio Pierce’s coaching approach centers around leveraging his playing experience and fostering a competitive team culture.

His philosophy encompasses several key elements:

  • Emphasizing mental toughness and a physical brand of football
  • Focusing on running the ball effectively and stopping the run
  • Instilling a love and passion for the game among players
  • Cultivating strong team unity and synchronicity

Pierce’s coaching style is characterized by his energetic demeanor and ability to relate to players. His approach focuses on:

  • Considering a player’s perspective in coaching decisions
  • Providing passionate, motivational leadership
  • Balancing old-school football principles with modern techniques
  • Emphasizing clear communication and team cohesion

According to Pierce, this approach aims to create a resilient, hard-nosed team that can compete at a high level, as evidenced by the Raiders’ improved performance after Pierce took over as interim coach.

Antonio Pierce Coaching Tree

Prior to becoming the head coach of the Las Vegas Raiders, Antonio Pierce gained coaching experience at various levels:

  • Served under Herm Edwards at Arizona State University (2018-2021)
  • Held roles including linebackers coach, co-defensive coordinator, and defensive coordinator
  • Worked as linebackers coach under Josh McDaniels with the Las Vegas Raiders (2022-2023)

As a relatively new head coach, Pierce has not yet developed a significant coaching tree of his own. However, his experience playing under coaches like Tom Coughlin and working alongside coaches like Josh McDaniels has likely influenced his coaching philosophy.


Antonio Pierce Football Career Timeline

  • University of Arizona (1999-2000): Player (Linebacker)
  • Washington Redskins (2001-2004): Player (Linebacker)
  • New York Giants (2005-2009): Player (Linebacker)
    • Super Bowl XLII Champion
    • Pro Bowl selection (2006)
  • Long Beach Poly High School (2014-2017):
    • Head Coach
  • Arizona State University (2018-2021):
    • Various coaching roles including linebackers coach, co-defensive coordinator, and defensive coordinator
  • Las Vegas Raiders (2022-Present):
    • Linebackers Coach (2022-2023)
    • Interim Head Coach (2023)
    • Head Coach (2024-Present)

With Pierce at the helm, the Raiders have shown renewed energy and competitiveness. His ability to connect with players and instill a tough, disciplined culture has been crucial to the team’s turnaround.

Key achievements during his tenure as interim head coach include:

  1. Ranking first in the NFL in points per game allowed (16.3) since his promotion
  2. Ranking first in defensive touchdowns scored (4) in that same period
  3. Improving team discipline, tying for first in fewest penalties committed (31)
  4. Achieving a plus-49 point differential, fourth in the NFL during his tenure

As Pierce begins his first full season as head coach, he faces challenges such as refining his game management skills and making tough personnel decisions. His focus on building a mentally tough team that runs the ball effectively, stops the run, and plays with passion aligns with traditional Raiders values. The 2024 season will be crucial in determining how Pierce’s coaching philosophy and methodology develop at the NFL level, and whether he can establish a new, successful identity for the Raiders organization.