How Did Cincinnati Bengals Get Their Name
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How Did Cincinnati Bengals Get Their Name?

How Did Cincinnati Bengals Get Their Name

When founding the Cincinnati Bengals in 1968 as a member of the upstart American Football League (AFL), Paul Brown wanted to give the new franchise a link to Cincinnati’s professional football history. Brown named the team the “Bengals” in order to connect it with a previous Cincinnati Bengals team that had existed in the city and played in three earlier American Football Leagues from 1937 to 1942.

What Is The Cincinnati Bengals Mascot

Brown also liked the fierce imagery of the Bengal tiger as the team’s mascot. Their striped patterns and reputations as powerful hunters embodied the competitive spirit he wanted to instill. Additionally, Cincinnati’s world-renowned zoo was home to a rare white Bengal tiger at that time, adding a local tie-in.

The Bengal tiger is a tiger subspecies native to the Indian subcontinent and known for its size, agility, and hunting prowess. Their distinctive coats of orange with black vertical stripes made an iconic visual identity.

Cincinnati Bengals Join NFL

In 1970, after the AFL-NFL merger, the Cincinnati Bengals joined the NFL as members of the newly formed American Football Conference (AFC). They initially played at Nippert Stadium before moving to Riverfront Stadium that same year.

While rooted in Cincinnati’s pro football past, the Bengals name and tiger mascot gave the new franchise an original identity symbolizing toughness and competitiveness as it prepared to make its mark in the NFL. The powerful Bengal tiger has endured as one of the most unique team symbols in professional football.