Jamie Freya Knott

Jamie Freya Knott founded and leads Sports Monetize, an online platform that explores the financial dynamics and business intricacies of American football at the collegiate and professional levels.

As the founder and lead writer of Sports Monetize, Jamie brings a unique perspective to sports blogging, combining her entrepreneurial spirit with a genuine passion for the game. Inspired by the loss of her parents, both avid sports fans, Jamie created Sports Monetize not only to delve into the financial side of gridiron football but also to keep her parents’ love for sports alive.

Since its inception in 2023, Sports Monetize’s mission has been to provide in-depth analysis and insights into the money behind the NFL, offering readers a comprehensive understanding of the business aspects that shape the sport they love.

In addition to Sports Monetize, Jamie runs Shop Jamie Freya LLC, the diverse parent company and web publishing brand that extends beyond sports to offer a holistic digital experience. The brand’s offerings range from meditation music and low-content books to other wellness-focused digital content, reflecting Jamie’s commitment to holistic living.

With Sports Monetize and Shop Jamie Freya LLC, Jamie continues to push the boundaries of sports blogging and digital content creation, blending her love for sports with her entrepreneurial spirit and holistic approach to life.

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