what is Jamarcus Russell doing now

What is JaMarcus Russell Doing Now?

JaMarcus Russell, the first overall pick in the 2007 NFL Draft by the Oakland Raiders, entered the league with immense expectations. Now, the question arises: “What is JaMarcus Russell doing now?” While his on-field legacy faced challenges, Russell has transitioned into a new phase in his life, defining happiness beyond the football field.

What is Jamarcus Russell Doing Now?

JaMarcus Russell is focused on coaching at his former high school in Alabama and living a relatively discrete life.

Athletic Legacy

Jamarcus Russell’s High School and College Career

Russell’s journey began with exceptional athleticism showcased in high school , marked by a powerful arm and impressive mobility. He stood 6’5″ before graduating, passing for 10,774 passing yards, an Alabama state high school record til this day. While attending Lillie B Williamson High School, he reportedly never missed a game leading the team to finals and semi-finals appearances during his time as quarterback.

Russell obviously boasted offers from all the top schools throughout the SEC conference and beyond. Russell eventually decided at LSU after visiting upwards of six times with legendary recruiting stories proclaiming him to have through a 70 yard pass on his knees.

Jamarcus Russell , red shirted his freshman year but wouldn’t see significant playing time until 2005, when he would be named the starting quarterback.

Jamarcus Russell LSU Stats

Season GPYardsTDsINT
2003Red Shirted

Jamarcus Russell NFL Career and Stats

Depending on who you ask, you can get a different account of what transpired during Russel’s short time in the NFL. The public consensus according to the media was that Jamarcus struggled with discipline and accountability. If you prefer to listen to his personal account, you will see he was deeply troubled with grief, feeling abandoned, and vilified by the Raider’s front office and public at large.

After an impressive display at the 2007 NFL combine, Russell was drafted as the No. 1 overall pick to the Oakland Raiders under then owner , Al Davis. He was on of four LSU players drafted in the 1st round. Reports speculate that head coach , Lane Kiffin, was more interested in wide receiver Calvin Johnson but Davis was set on Russell after his impressive run with LSU and Nick Saban.

Over the course of his NFL career, Jamarcus Russell held a 52.1% completion rate and a 65.2 passer rating. His time in Oakland was riddled with negative press and various accounts of communication breakdowns between Russell and the Raider’s front office.

There is something to be said for the disconnect culturally when a southern man moves to California and is left to nuture his own professional development while managing grief in his early 20’s . How many of us think regularly about how a 6’5″ , 250 pound , black quarterback feels on the inside. I contend that compassion could lend itself useful when you weigh all the nuances of his situation.

The 2007 Raiders were horrible offensively and mounting pressure on coaching staff may have led to increased pressure and stress on Russell, but it’s anybody’s guess at this point.

Jamarcus Russell Net Worth and Contract Challenges

JaMarcus Russell net worth in 2024 is around $4 million with a major portion of that coming from NFL career earnings.

Despite his on-field challenges, Russell secured a massive financial windfall with a staggering $61 million in signing bonuses and guaranteed contracts. The perception of “wasted potential” surrounded him due to the gap between financial success and on-field accomplishments.

Before his rookie season, Jamarcus held out through training camp and up until the first week of the season due to contract issues. Ultimately, he signed a six year contract worth $68 million with $ 31.5 million guaranteed. Later there would be disputes about the amount of money owned to Russell.

In 2010, the Raiders filed a grievance under the pretense that they were owed over $ 9 million from Russell claiming the amount was paid in “salary advances”. Russell responded with his own grievance claiming that he was actually owed $9 million from the Raiders. The parties agreed to paying out an additional $3 million to Jamarcus Russell in 2013.

Details of Jamarcus Russell’s contract with the Raiders via Spotrac.com.

Life After Football

In the post-football chapter of his life, JaMarcus Russell has shifted his focus to entrepreneurship. He established the clothing line, XAM Sports, showcasing his business acumen. Reports indicate his role as a quarterback coach at Williamson High School in Mobile, Alabama, where he imparts his football knowledge to the next generation. Other ventures and charitable involvements further demonstrate Russell’s commitment to making a positive impact beyond the playing field.

Hear Jamarcus Russell express his journey in his own words. A very insightful and transparent interview from 2022.

Legacy and Looking Forward

Reflecting on JaMarcus Russell’s journey, his legacy is a nuanced blend of exceptional talent, financial success, and on-field struggles. As we consider the complexities of his career, there’s anticipation for his impact on the future of aspiring athletes. Russell’s story serves as a reminder that success extends beyond statistics, encompassing resilience, adaptability, and the pursuit of new passions.


Jamarcus Russell is a testament to success when you really weigh the insurmountable odds he faced to play professional football in the first place. Most NFL careers are short lived and if the goal is to cash out as much as possible, he definitely received more in his 3 seasons than many players who reach the professional level do in their entire careers.