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Tim Tebow | Net Worth & Career Earnings

Tim Tebow is one of the most iconic figures in sports history. Despite facing both love and criticisms, Tebow has managed to become a well-known athlete and media personality. From being a quarterback at the University of Florida to playing in the NFL, broadcasting for ESPN, and eventually transitioning to professional baseball, Tebow’s story is nothing short of inspiring.

While rumors and speculations surround Tim Tebow’s current net worth, we have gathered information from different sources to provide a more precise estimate of Tim Tebow’s net worth in 2023.

Tim Tebow Net Worth: How Much is He Actually Worth?

According to estimates from various sources, Tim Tebow’s current net worth lies between $5 million to $10 million.

However, given his multiple successful ventures in football, broadcasting, business, and investment in various assets, it is safe to assume that his actual net worth falls somewhere on the higher end of the spectrum.

While much of Tim Tebow’s earnings originated from his football career, he also made significant contributions to his net worth through broadcasting and professional baseball. As reported , Tebow made $4 million annually as a broadcaster for ESPN. Tebow also accumulated a reasonable sum of money through playing professional baseball in the minor leagues. Moreover, Tim Tebow is also an accomplished writer and speaker who used his Christian faith as a focal point for his books and philanthropic endeavors.


Tim Tebow’s Football Career

Tim Tebow’s journey as a football player spans college and professional football. During his tenure as a quarterback for Florida Gators, Tebow led his team to two BCS national championships, earned the 2007 Heisman Trophy, and became one of the greatest dual-threat quarterbacks in college football history.

Tebow with 2007 Heisman Trophy.

Despite critics asserting that his skill set was inadequate for the NFL, the Denver Broncos selected Tebow as the 25th pick in the first round of the 2010 NFL Draft. Tebow’s run with the Broncos was short-lived, but he had a few memorable moments with the team, leading them to a 7-4 record and playoff appearance in his second season.

In 2021, Tim Tebow signed with the Jacksonville Jaguars as a tight end. However, he wasn’t placed on the 53-man roster, marking the end of his bid to return to professional football.

How Much Money Did Tim Tebow Make in the NFL?

Considering salary caps and earning ceilings, Tim did pretty well during his quick stint in the NFL. He faced challenges securing a long-term starting quarterback position but still earned several millions of dollars.

Tim Tebow Career Earnings

Tim Tebow earned $9,687,500 in 3 seasons at quarter back with the Denver Broncos and New York Jets.

Tim went on to be a part of the Patriots (2013), Eagles (2015), and Jaguars (2021) but all of these deals were brief with no guaranteed money.

Tim Tebow’s Career Earnings via spotrac.com

What Does Tim Tebow Do For A Living Now?

Considering the Tim’s athletic career wasn’t as prolific as anticipated, he definitely has moved into expansive opportunities on the business side of sports.

Tim has pivoted into entrepreneurship, public speaking, philanthropy, and venture capitalism to expand his career and earnings.

Here are some of his current projects:

Tim Tebow is not only known for achieving success in football but also for his other endeavors. Tebow remains an occasional broadcaster and fixture for ESPN, offering college football analysis on the SEC Network. He has appeared as a broadcaster since late 2013 and is part of SEC Nation, a college football pregame show.

In addition to his broadcasting work, Tim Tebow authored many Christian books, and he is also a philanthropist through his Tim Tebow Foundation. He also was recently announced to be a part of ownership group for a developing Lake Tahoe expansion hockey team.

Tim Tebow will be part of an ownership group bringing an expansion hockey team to Lake Tahoe


Tim Tebow’s experience as a football player, broadcaster, businessman, and investor is nothing short of admirable, which highlights his versatility and determination. Similar to fellow Florida Gator, Cam Newton, Tim has definitely extended his relevance in the sports world behind the gridiron.

Tim Tebow New Worth

Frequently Asked Questions

Tim Tebow Foundation is a non-profit organization established by former professional football player Tim Tebow. The foundation is dedicated to making a positive impact on the lives of children around the world, especially those facing various challenges.

The Tim Tebow Foundation is involved in various philanthropic initiatives, including:

  1. Night to Shine: An annual prom event for individuals with special needs, hosted at churches worldwide.
  2. Orphan Care: Supporting and providing resources for orphans and children in need.
  3. Timmy’s Playrooms: Creating playrooms in children’s hospitals to provide a space for children facing medical challenges to play and heal.
  4. W15H Program: Fulfilling the wishes of children with life-threatening illnesses.
  5. Team Tebow: Encouraging and supporting individuals to use their passion for sports to make a positive impact in their communities.

Tim Tebow has been involved in various business ventures and pursuits.

Some of Tim Tebow’s business involvements included:

  1. Baseball Career: Tim Tebow pursued a professional baseball career and signed a minor league contract with the New York Mets. He played in the Mets’ farm system as an outfielder.
  2. Broadcasting: Tim Tebow has worked as a college football analyst for ESPN, providing commentary and analysis on college football games.
  3. Authorship: Tebow has authored several books, including “Through My Eyes,” which is his autobiography, and “Shaken: Discovering Your True Identity in the Midst of Life’s Storms.”
  4. Endorsements and Public Speaking: Tebow has been involved in various endorsement deals and is known for his public speaking engagements, often sharing motivational and inspirational messages.

Tim Tebow is known for being a devout Christian. He has been open about his Christian faith throughout his career as a football player, and it has played a significant role in shaping his values and actions. Tebow is known for his philanthropic work, and his faith is often cited as a motivating factor behind his charitable activities. Additionally, he has been involved in various Christian ministries and events, sharing his faith and encouraging others in their spiritual journeys.

While he has been successful in his sports career, broadcasting, and various business ventures, his net worth is not in the billion-dollar range.