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Most Sacks All Time & Active Player Leaders

Most Sacks All-Time (since 1982)

When it comes to defending the quarterback, few plays are as impactful as the sack. It stops drives, causes fumbles, and can swing momentum. Over the decades, a handful of greats have cemented their legacies by routinely burying QBs.

Who has the most sacks in NFL history?

Bruce Smith played for the Buffalo Bills and Washington from 1985-2003 racking up a total of 200 sacks.

Consistently beating offensive linemen requires a rare blend of athleticism, technique, and relentlessness. The players atop the sack ranks exemplify these qualities at the highest level.

It’s worth noting that sacks began being official calculated in 1982 while an unofficial list dates back to 1960 . Check the unofficial list dating back to 1960- HERE.

Most Sacks All-Time Among Active Players

While the retired legends cast long shadows, today’s stars continue adding to the record books with each jarring takedown.

Who has the most sacks as an active player?

Von Miller currently leads all active NFL Players in sacks with 123 sacks as of the 2023-24 season. He ranks 19th on the all-time list of sack leaders.

At their peak, the active leaders are as disruptive as anyone before them. With seasons still remaining, they have an opportunity to climb even higher up the prestigious ranks.

Sacking the quarterback is an art form, one that leaves lasting impressions on games, seasons, and careers. Whether looking at the all-time greats or today’s tormentors, these sackmasters have etched their names in NFL lore.