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Joe Alt: A Right Tackle in Waiting?

An unexpected selection shook the 2024 NFL Draft when the Los Angeles Chargers opted for Joe Alt, a left tackle from Notre Dame, with the fifth overall pick. Many projected the Chargers to address their receiving corps after trading Keenan Allen to the Chicago Bears and releasing Mike Williams earlier this year. However, the team prioritized fortifying their offensive line, signaling a strategic approach to rostering.

Joe Alt: Left Tackle at Notre Dame

At Notre Dame, Joe Alt established himself as a rock on the offensive line, starting every game for three seasons at left tackle. His 33 starts and 2,200 snaps showcased consistency and durability in protecting the blindside for the Fighting Irish’s quarterback.

Chargers’ Depth Chart- Joe Alt Listed as “Right Tackle”

The Chargers boast Rashawn Slater, a 2021 13th overall first-round pick, as their current left tackle. With Slater anchoring that position, Joe Alt’s arrival creates competition at right tackle.

Last season’s right tackle starter, Trey Pipkins, recently inked a three-year, $21 million contract with a $6.25 million base salary, indicating the team’s belief in his role on the offensive line.

Harbaugh called Pipkins ” one of our best five ” lineman in this new Charger’s era that is deeply focused on the line of scrimmage and a power running game.

Currently , the Chargers’ depth chart lists Joe Alt as the number 1 “Right Tackle.”

This positional shift suggests the coaching staff aims to maximize Alt’s talents while allowing Slater to remain the primary option at left tackle.

Slayer -RG (68) and Slater-LT (70)

Analysis and Speculation

Transitioning Joe Alt to right tackle carries significant implications for the Chargers’ offensive line. It highlights the team’s confidence in Alt’s adaptability and opens the door for Trey Pipkins to potentially slide to right guard challenging Jamaree Slayers role.

This reshuffling could solidify the Chargers’ offensive line by optimizing the talents of Alt and Pipkins while addressing a potential weakness at guard. It aligns with head coach Jim Harbaugh’s philosophy of treating offensive linemen as offensive “weapons” and the “tip of the spear” for their attack.

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Final Thoughts

The Chargers’ selection of Joe Alt in the first round sparked intrigue surrounding their offensive line plans. Listing Alt as the right tackle on the depth chart hints at a calculated strategy from the coaching staff.

As the Chargers shape their roster for the upcoming season, Joe Alt’s role and impact will garner close attention. His adaptability and potential position change could bolster the offensive line, providing a sturdy foundation for the offense and optimal protection for the quarterback.