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Where To Get Sports Cards Graded?

The sports card industry has experienced a remarkable resurgence in recent years, fueled by a combination of nostalgia, increased interest from investors, and a growing online marketplace. Whether you’re a seasoned collector or just starting to explore the world of sports cards, understanding the current state of the sports industry is crucial to understanding the appraisal process and marketplaces.

Let’s focus in on rating some of the current online marketplaces for sports card appraisal and key factors to help you understand how the card is graded.

The Boom of the Sports Card Industry

Sports cards have long had a reputation for being a distinctive, niche hobby with devoted cult followings. Coming off the heals of a less than stellar NFT craving for collectibles of all kinds and nostalgic yearnings for Pokemon of yesteryear is clear that people will always want to simply “collect”. What does that mean for the tired and true industry of original collectibles……sporting cards?

The rise of online platforms, social media communities, and high-profile ventures like NBA Top Shot have brought unprecedented attention to the industry over the past few years but the pure desire to collect iconography from real life sports heroes has never truly waned. Iconic cards from legends like Michael Jordan, LeBron James, and Tom Brady have reached astronomical values, creating a dynamic market that continues to evolve.

OPG Single Sports 728*90

Factors Influencing Card Values

  1. Player Performance:
    The on-field success and overall popularity of athletes significantly impact card values. Breakout seasons, championship victories, and record-breaking achievements can lead to a surge in demand for specific player cards.
  2. Rarity and Condition:
    As with any collectible item, rarity and condition play a pivotal role in determining card values. Limited-edition cards, autographs, and cards in mint condition often command higher prices in the market.
  3. Grading Services:
    Professional grading services, such as PSA (Professional Sports Authenticator), SGC, CSG, and BSG/Beckett, assign a grade to cards based on their condition. Higher grades generally correlate with increased value. Learning how to interpret these grades is essential for accurate appraisals.
  4. Market Trends:
    The sports card market is influenced by trends and fads. Keeping an eye on market fluctuations, hot players, and emerging collectible sets can provide valuable insights into potential changes in card values.
Here’s a visual chart on the “sports card grading” form the major companies via Freddy Find.

How to Appraise Your Sports Cards

  1. Research Comparable Sales:
    Utilize online auction platforms, dedicated sports card marketplaces, and sales databases to research recent transactions of similar cards. Analyzing these sales can give you a benchmark for the potential value of your cards.
  2. Grading Your Cards:
    Consider sending your cards to a professional grading service ( a few listed above) to determine their condition. Graded cards generally command higher prices, and the certification adds an extra layer of authenticity.
  3. Consult Experts and Communities:
    Engage with sports card communities, both online and offline. Seek advice from experienced collectors, attend card shows, and participate in forums to gain insights into the current market and potential appraisal of your collection.
  4. Stay Informed on Industry News:
    Regularly follow industry news, market reports, and updates on player performances. Staying informed about the latest trends and developments will help you make informed decisions about your collection.

Sports Card MarketPlaces

Star Stock

This site boast instant trading, no buyer fees, and the ability to skip out immediate shipping if you prefer items be stored in a vault.

Sports Card Market

Features cards and hobby boxes from major manufacturers like Panini, Tops, and Upper Deck. They also offer supplies and accessories essential to card collection.


The social media juggernaut boast an extensive marketplace that surpringsly features a solid collection of sports collectibles. Use this space with caution as it is not as regulated as some of the other companies. Try Facebook if you are prone to the ” leaving no stone unturned” mindset.

PWCC MarketPlace

Daily access to auctions and fixed marketplaces. Platform offers advance capital for higher liquidity to certain clients looking for faster liquidity.

Beckett Marketplace

History of sports media dating back to the 1970’s with Dr. Beckett, this company is a very trusted source in the space. Corner the market on sports card collectibles amongst various card categories outside of sports.

COMC (Check Out My Collectibles )

COMC currently holds the largest warehouse in the sports card industry at roughly 200,00 sq. feet. That space allows for this company to list over 29,000,000 million cards .

The sports card industry is experiencing an exciting and dynamic phase, with values reaching new heights. Appraising your sports cards requires a combination of research, knowledge, and an understanding of market trends. By staying informed and leveraging the resources available, you can navigate the evolving landscape of the sports card industry and make informed decisions about the value of your collection.